Declaration of the protection of personal data

The company Twigsee, L.L.C., operator of the mobile application Twigsee, declares that all personal data is considered strictly confidential and is handled in accordance with regulations of the European Parliament and Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of persona data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/ES (General Data Protection Regulation), (“GDPR“) and corresponding legal regulations about the protection of personal data.

What purpose does the Twigsee application serve?

The mobile application Twigsee is an application intended for mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems, which expands the options of digital management of agendas of preschool institutions and at the same time facilitates communication between preschool institutions and parents.

What data do we collect?

The mobile application Twigsee works only with data that the user has input via the administrative web interface or the application itself. This data has to do with children, employees of the school, organizational, and practical information. Personal data (specifically the name and surname of the natural person and other personal information) may appear in the Child details tab. The operator of the mobile application is not responsible for further disclosure of personal data by the user, for example in posts on the Timeline.

What authorization do we require?

Photos / media / Camera files
Taking photographs and videos: there may be photos displaying children’s activities in school attached to posts. Children’s profile photos are uploaded via the administrative interface.

Logged data
We would like to inform you that in the case the application reports an error, this issue is reported and related data recorded via third-party services on your phone. This data may contain information about the IP address of the device, name of the device, operating system version, application settings, time and date the application was used, and other statistics.

Changes to privacy policy
In the future, if it is necessary to update the privacy policy of the mobile application Twigsee, then it will always be on this page. For this reason, we recommend you regularly read and follow this page and potential changes which will take effect immediately after they are published on this page.

Personal data protection agreement
An Agreement for the protection of personal data is signed between the school and the company Twigsee, L.L.C.

Specifications for the processing of personal data

1. Nature and purpose of Processing
Personal data will be processed specifically in the following ways: (i) receiving data from the Subject and from the Controller; (ii) its inspection; (iii) gathering; (iv) saving; (v) its use; (vi) arrangement; (vii) additions and amendments; (vii) its deletion and destruction, and all for the purpose of providing the software as a service (SaaS) – consisting mainly of allowing access to the Twigsee application for the Client and other individuals.

2. Data subjects
Submitted personal data will relate to the following data categories.

  • children registered as students of the preschool
  • employees and staff of the preschool, especially teachers
  • preschool management
  • parents of children registered as students in the given preschool

3. Categories of personal data
The following categories of personal data will be transmitted.

  • identification data
  • contact data
  • special data – for pick-up arrangements, allergies, medications, etc.
  • attendance, illness, participation in events
  • daily schedule and routines
  • organizational and other technical information

An Agreement for the protection of personal data is signed between the school and the operator of the mobile application Twigsee.

Contact us

In the case of any questions related to the privacy policy
of the mobile application Twigsee do not hesitate to contact us at

What are the schools
currently using Twigsee saying about it?

Dominika Hájková

Our preschool Malvína has been using the Twigsee app for over half a year. It is a big help to us. Thanks to the child’s profile, we have an easy-to-view list of all their important information. Also, with Twigsee, communication with parents is more convenient. We can share photos with them and using posts, share important information with only selected parents. Not needing to inform each parent individually has saved us a significant amount of work. What we appreciate most about the app, is the easy-to-view attendance. It shows the number of present and excused children and also, alerts us to any children leaving after lunch. Our school highly recommends the app. The team of people who developed the app are definitely professionals in what they do. They responded to all of our questions quickly and are always available to assist us.

Dominika Hájková
Assistant Headmaster
Jan Vodrážka

While I was a bit skeptical at first, we have been up and running with Twigsee for a month and a half now without a single problem. We have over 50 reviews from parents and every one of them is positive. Furthermore, parents have started to appreciate all that our teachers do for them and they’ve not only decreased their demands, but have started asking how they can help. They donate toys, company gifts, or homemade Moravian honey. We are extremely happy and are ordering Twigsee for our other site in Průhonice.

Jan Vodrážka
Lucie England

Twigsee won us over from the moment we started using it. It allows us to manage everything in our school in a convenient and easy-to-view manner, all in one place. You’ll love Twigsee because it will make your administrative tasks easier and will make communication with parents faster and more effective. It will not only make your teachers very happy but also the parents! I much appreciate the wonderful support from the Twigsee team who are always prepared to handle our questions and requests. In short, I can wholeheartedly recommend Twigsee without hesitation.

Lucie England
Michaela Možiešíková

We’ve finally canceled signature forms for all applications and online photo galleries, and parents no longer forget about school activities. Parents know what is happening at school and are much happier and at ease. We’ve stopped needing to constantly explain and repeat the same things. Thank you.

Michaela Možiešíková
Assistant Headmaster
Tereza Dvořáková

Twigsee is a great and innovative app for me as the school’s headmaster as well as a mother. There’s finally an app that eases the workload of administrative duties for the MŠMT (Ministry of Education) as well as the MPSV (Social Security) for everyone. It accomplishes all of this in a very easy to use and intuitive way. Communication with the Twigsee team is superb. They are always happy to answer all of my questions about the app and its functions whenever I need it. As a mother, I value daily, easy-to-view information about my child so that I am informed about what they are doing and have access to information from the school, teachers, and administration. I strongly recommend the app for all administrators and parents!

Tereza Dvořáková
Zuzana Černá

Twigsee is a wonderful app that has made communication between the school and parents faster, more convenient, and more efficient since we began using it at the beginning of the school year. Also, it unbelievably simplifies the work of employees. Everyone, including the parents, is happy with the app.

Zuzana Černá
Assistant Headmaster

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