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Super app! I'm excited about this app, I get all the information from the daycare right away and don't have to constantly check my email. It's very clear and simple. I recommend it to everyone.

Review from the App Store

Great app! Definitely recommend it for me. Twigsee has helped me to have better communication between the nursery and myself. I can find all the information I need about my kids and the latest changes. Everything is always at my fingertips, on my phone, under one button and I appreciate that the most.

Review from the App Store

I love this app. No complicated setup so I can use it immediately and easily one button download photos in good quality. Also, the customer support responds quickly. The simplicity is always welcome.

Aleksandar Dekic
Review from Google Play

We were asked to write about our experience using the Twigsee app. In our opinion, the app works great and is very convenient. Excusing absences is problem-free and even photos shared with you are able to be viewed immediately without any further logging in. In our opinion, Twigsee rates 5 stars.

Anonymous review
Parent from the SmartFox preschool

Twigsee is a smart app which gives parents a quick and easy way to excuse their child’s absence in the preschool and at the same time get important information about what is happening at the preschool. With the app, I like that our wonderful teacher Monika shares photographs of the children which only I, as a parent, am able to access. I give the Twigsee app a high rating.

Lucie Eštoková
Parent from the SmartFox preschool

As a parent, I highly value the app. It’s a great method of communication. It gives me an overview of how my daughter spends her time at school. It also provides me with pictures from activities, field trips, information about the school lunch menu, and allows me to excuse my child’s absence. Everything is very convenient and user-friendly. Thank you very much!

Kateřina Hájková
Parent from the Malvína preschool

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