Why involve all the senses
in children’s games

Young children need to have all five together. From birth, they naturally discover the world around them with all five basic senses – sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. The more senses they engage, the better for their brain and overall development.

At birth, the brain and its sensory processing centres are not yet fully developed. They mature gradually as the child explores the world around them. Particularly tumultuous brain development occurs in the preschool years. With each new stimulus, new connections between nerve cells form and brain capacity increases.

You can provide children with the large load of stimuli needed to stimulate the brain properly through sensory play. By this you can think of any activity that engages the senses in action. In addition to the basic ones like sight or touch, this includes things like balance and perceiving the position of the body in space.


The benefits of sensory play

Take a good old-fashioned sandpit in the nursery garden. This is the perfect space for sharpening the senses. When you think about it, raking sand and slapping bugs is very beneficial for children’s healthy development. How?

  • Physical development:
    With all the digging, raking, loading, scooping and building, children practice gross and fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in the sandbox.
  • Cognitive development:
    The sandbox is a blank canvas and it’s up to the child’s imagination and creativity what they create out of the sand. Children are opened up to experimentation, scientific reasoning, critical thinking and problem solving. And when children describe to others what they are creating out of sand, they are constantly expanding their vocabulary and improving their language skills.
  • Socio-emotional development:
    While building sandcastles, children learn to work together, share space and tools, communicate and resolve disagreements.

For more activities to develop empathy and emotional intelligence in children, see
How to support the emotional development of young children.

It’s amazing how much benefit can come from a simple game in the sandbox. And you can be sure that other sensory games work in a similar way.

Examples of sensory games

Sensory play can include a wide range of activities, from something as simple as rolling barrels to an elaborate dinosaur-themed sensory box. For inspiration, we’ve put together some examples of sensory play you can try with your children at nursery.
  • Sensor boxes
    When it’s gloomy outside, instead of a sandbox you can use a sensory box in the classroom. Take a large (plastic) box and fill it with dirt, sand, pebbles, cereal, rice, water or even shaving cream. Add themed small toys and also tools like spoons, funnels, tweezers or paintbrushes.
  • Sensory trail
    Build a sensory trail using a variety of materials you have on hand. Place sand, pebbles, PET bottle tops, feathers, fabric scraps or bubble wrap in shoeboxes placed side by side on the floor. Invite the children to walk barefoot on the pavement and feel the different textures under their feet.
  • Modelina
    Give children modeling clay and a variety of tools to knead, model, roll, cut and create structures.

    Tip: You can incorporate a few drops of essential oil into the modelling clay. This will involve children’s sense of smell as well as their sight and touch.

  • Baking together
    Even better than munching on modelling clay is baking together. That’s because you can taste the result.
  • Tasting quiz
    Prepare foods of different tastes and consistencies, cut into bite-sized portions. Blindfold the children with a blindfold and give them a taste one by one. Let them guess what they are eating. Just watch out for possible food allergies!
  • Music-making
    Offer children musical instruments such as a drum, tambourine, sounding sticks or a rhythm egg, or make their own instruments with the children. Practice rhythm and accompany singing with musical instruments.
  • Scented sachets
    Let children fill cloth sachets with dried herbs or spices of their choice. As they make them, talk about which scents are pleasant and which are unpleasant. The children can then place the sachet in their locker in the cloakroom.
  • 5-4-3-2-1
    Ask the children to stop for a moment and name 5 things they see right now, 4 things they touch, 3 sounds they hear, 2 smells they pick up with their nose, and 1 taste they feel in their mouth. You can practice this technique with your children just walking around. In moments of turbulent childhood emotions, you can use it as an anchor to calm down. Based on the concept of mindfulness, the technique is based on being present and mindful of your immediate surroundings.
Sensory play has an irreplaceable role in the preschool period.
It contributes to children’s holistic development physically, socio-emotionally and cognitively. Therefore, offer children plenty of activities to sharpen their senses. This will help them in the process of brain maturation and ease their transition to school.


29. 4. 2023 | Martina Zatloukalová

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Mr. Jimmy

Hello, so far so good with Twigsee. We have managed to create classes and upload students' names. The teachers' names have already been shared and we believe by next week we might have progressed further.

Mr. Jimmy
System Manager, Greenwood Groove Academy, Kenya
Zuzana Vacíková

Twigsee caught our attention right away from the presentation thanks to the range of functions offered. It wasn't a system that only dealt with attendance or just the registry. It offered us the opportunity to have everything under one roof. And the cherry on top of the cake was the possibility of sending parents contributions about how their children are doing in preschool that day. Parents liked the app very quickly. At first, teachers were more concerned about whether preschool management wanted to give them extra work. However, they soon discovered that writing to parents made them happy, and they also finally have an overview of the children's attendance for each day. Twigsee can handle all that is on the agenda in a preschool as well as accounting. Forest preschool, Pohádky z.s., Zvole

Zuzana Vacíková
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Great Customer Support! Any problem gets immediate attention, and also the sales representatives are very willing to help.

Michelle Specht
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We have just started using the Twigsee application, as I was drawn in by an offer. Especially the time saving. I can use my time more meaningfully with my children rather than doing administration. I appreciate the professionalism of the team. Mr. Med answered all of our questions. I was impressed by the enrolment process of new children, attendance and, above all, the connection of teachers with parents, which does not disrupt them from their work with the children. Before signing the contract, we compared the offer of similar applications and came to the conclusion that Twigsee provides the most comprehensive offer of services for preschool needs.

Helena Zdrubecká
Linda Janichová

We have been using the Twigsee app in our Fox Nursery for over a year now. Through the app we communicate important information to parents. We share photos of the children's daily activities, and we use surveys, to which parents respond more quickly than in person. We have an overview of how many children are coming on a given day, so we can plan and adjust the day's schedule. Parents especially like the app because they have instant information about what's going on in the preschool, they can see lots of photos and they can excuse their child for the time they need in a few clicks. The Twigsee app is responsive to the needs of our preschools and is quick and easy for teachers, nannies and parents to use. With the Twigsee app, we are simply moving with the times.

Linda Janichová
Zuzana Černá

Twigsee is a wonderful app that has made communication between the preschool and parents faster, more convenient, and better since we began using it at the beginning of the school year. Also, it unbelievably simplifies the work of employees. Everybody, including the parents, are happy with the app.

Zuzana Černá
Assistant Headmaster
Tereza Dvořáková

Twigsee is a great and innovative app for me as the preschool’s headmaster as well as a mother. There’s finally an app that eases the workload of administrative duties for the MŠMT (Ministry of Education) as well as the MPSV (Social Security) for everyone. It accomplishes all of this in a very easy to use and intuitive way. Communication with the Twigsee team is superb. They were always happy to answer all of my questions about the app and its functions whenever I needed it. As a mother, I value daily, easy-to-view information about my child so that I am informed about what they are doing and have access to information from the preschool, teachers, and administration. I strongly recommend the app for all administrators and parents!

Tereza Dvořáková
Michaela Možiešíková

We’ve finally disposed of all signature forms for all applications and online photo galleries, and parents no longer forget about school activities. Parents know what is happening at preschool and are much happier and at ease. We’ve stopped needing to constantly explain and repeat the same things. Thank you.

Michaela Možiešíková
Assistant Headmaster
Lucie England

Twigsee won us over from the moment we started using it. It allows us to manage everything in our preschool in a convenient and easy-to-view manner, all in one place. You’ll love Twigsee because it will make your administrative tasks easier and will make communication with parents faster and more effective. It will not only make your teachers very happy but also the parents! I also greatly appreciate the wonderful support from the Twigsee team which is always prepared to handle our questions and requests. In short, I can wholeheartedly recommend Twigsee without hesitation.

Lucie England
Jan Vodrážka

While I was a bit skeptical at first, we have been up and running with Twigsee for a month and a half now without a single problem. We have over fifty reviews from parents and every one of them is positive. Furthermore, parents have started to appreciate all that our teachers do for them and they’ve not only decreased their demands, but have started asking how they can help. They donate toys, company gifts, or homemade Moravian honey. We are happy and are ordering Twigsee for our other location in Průhonice.

Jan Vodrážka
Dominika Hájková

Our preschool Malvína has been using the Twigsee app for over half a year. It is a big help to us. Thanks to the child’s profile, we have an easy-to-view list of all their important information. Also, with Twigsee, communication with parents is more convenient. We can share photos with them and using posts, share important information with only selected parents. Not needing to inform each parent individually has saved us a significant amount of work. What we appreciate most about the app, is the easy-to-view attendance. It shows the number of present and excused children and also, alerts us to any children leaving after lunch. Our school highly recommends the app. The team of people who developed the app are definitely professionals in what they do. They responded to all of our questions quickly and are always available to assist us.

Dominika Hájková
Assistant Headmaster

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