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How to nurture creativity
and critical thinking in children

We don’t know what the future holds for the children. But they will be ready for it if they can think critically and solve problems creatively. Start training them in these skills in kindergarten.
Critical thinking is one of the most valuable cognitive skills. It means keeping an open mind, using your imagination, asking questions and weighing up the information available before making a final decision. All of these competencies can be non-violently honed from kindergarten onwards through play. We’ll tell you how.

Zdravá chodidla


Simple sorting is a top activity for developing logical reasoning. It requires the ability to compare, distinguish and group by characteristics. Let children sort:

  • Objects and natural objects by color, size, shape or material,
  • pictures of animals by where they live, what they eat, whether they are domestic, wild or exotic,
  • pictures of means of transport by type of road.


Analyze the situation, look for correspondences and contradictions and draw a conclusion from the information obtained. You can practice these valuable skills with your children in worksheets. Focus on problem solving:

  • what is missing (picture with a detail omitted, e.g. a dog without a tail, a car without wheels, etc.),
  • what is different (all pictures are the same, only one is slightly different),
  • what does not belong (all pictures have something in common, only one does not belong in the set),
  • what follows (based on the pattern, determine which picture will follow in the series),
  • what happens next (complete a story of 3 pictures, connect the first two pictures to the final one).

Creative challenges

Try the following creative challenges to get children stretching their imagination and thinking outside the box.

  1. It’s not a box

    Take inspiration from the picture book Not A Box by Antoinette Portis. In it, a little rabbit plays with a cardboard box, but sees a mountain, a robot and a space rocket. It’s not for nothing that they say an empty box is the best toy.

    Use your imagination and think of unusual purposes for other ordinary objects. For example, a rake would make a cool comb for a giant, a spoon would make a pirate’s eye patch and a fringed mop would make a wig.

  2. Hole in the paper

    Cut a hole in the paper. It can be perfectly round according to the template, cut out just by eye or wildly shaped in any way. It can be placed in the center or anywhere else on the paper. There can be one or there can be several.

    Offer children hole-punched paper as a new art medium. Hand out crayons or markers and encourage children to start drawing. They can draw around the hole, incorporate it into their picture, or line the hole with more paper and draw in it.

  3. Doodling

    Draw several circles. Ask the children to make as many things as they can think of (a ball, a balloon, a car wheel, a club, a face, a ladybird, a flower, a sun, an apple, a tomato, a doughnut, a cake, a pizza…).
    For older children, try also presenting drawing sheets for reflection and completion. Sketch a simple picture on paper, accompany it with a brief comment and leave the rest to the children. It might look something like this:

    • a suitcase and the question of what to pack in it for the holidays,
    • the road and the question of what the car passes on the way to the trip,
    • an open window and the question of what landscape they see out of the window on a family holiday,
    • the seabed and what they can see when they go diving,
    • a castle gate and the question of what kind of castle they would like to live in.
  4. Do not touch

    Stick two strips of paper tape on the floor and place a ball of crumpled paper between them. Invite the children to move the ball outside the strips – without touching it with their hands. You’ll be surprised how many ways some people can think of.

Reading together

Use the story you are currently reading together to test the children’s ability to think logically. Stop occasionally while reading and ask what will happen next, how the character is likely to behave. Outline different scenarios, let the children guess the consequences of the action and evaluate whether it was a good or bad idea. Think of an alternative ending to a well-known fairy tale.

Find out how else to engage children interactively in the story in the article
How to awaken a love of books in children.

Don’t teach children what to think. Rather, teach them how to think.
Cultivate creativity and critical thinking. 
This is the only way they will be able to form their own attitude and cope with whatever the future holds.



14. 8. 2023 | Martina Zatloukalová

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Mr. Jimmy

Hello, so far so good with Twigsee. We have managed to create classes and upload students' names. The teachers' names have been shared already and we believe by next week we might have progressed further. Thanks to all.

Mr. Jimmy
System Manager, Greenwood Groove Academy, Kenya
Zuzana Vacíková

Twigsee caught our attention right away from the presentation thanks to the range of functions offered. It wasn't a system that only dealt with attendance or just the registry. It offered us the opportunity to have everything under one roof. And the cherry on top of the cake was the possibility of sending parents contributions about how their children are doing in preschool that day. Parents liked the app very quickly. At first, teachers were more concerned about whether preschool management wanted to give them extra work. However, they soon discovered that writing to parents made them happy, and they also finally have an overview of the children's attendance for each day. Twigsee can handle all that is on the agenda in a preschool as well as accounting. Forest preschool, Pohádky z.s., Zvole

Zuzana Vacíková
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Michelle Specht

Great Customer Support! Any problem gets immediate attention, and also the sales representatives are very willing to help.

Michelle Specht
Helena Zdrubecká

We have just started using the Twigsee application, as I was drawn in by an offer. Especially the time saving. I can use my time more meaningfully with my children rather than doing administration. I appreciate the professionalism of the team. Mr. Med answered all of our questions. I was impressed by the enrolment process of new children, attendance and, above all, the connection of teachers with parents, which does not disrupt them from their work with the children. Before signing the contract, we compared the offer of similar applications and came to the conclusion that Twigsee provides the most comprehensive offer of services for preschool needs.

Helena Zdrubecká
Linda Janichová

We have been using the Twigsee app in our Fox Nursery for over a year now. Through the app we communicate important information to parents. We share photos of the children's daily activities, and we use surveys, to which parents respond more quickly than in person. We have an overview of how many children are coming on a given day, so we can plan and adjust the day's schedule. Parents especially like the app because they have instant information about what's going on in the preschool, they can see lots of photos and they can excuse their child for the time they need in a few clicks. The Twigsee app is responsive to the needs of our preschools and is quick and easy for teachers, nannies and parents to use. With the Twigsee app, we are simply moving with the times.

Linda Janichová
Zuzana Černá

Twigsee is a wonderful app that has made communication between the preschool and parents faster, more convenient, and better since we began using it at the beginning of the school year. Also, it unbelievably simplifies the work of employees. Everybody, including the parents, are happy with the app.

Zuzana Černá
Assistant Director
Tereza Dvořáková

Twigsee is a great and innovative app for me as the preschool’s headmaster as well as a mother. There’s finally an app that eases the workload of administrative duties for the MŠMT (Ministry of Education) as well as the MPSV (Social Security) for everyone. It accomplishes all of this in a very easy to use and intuitive way. Communication with the Twigsee team is superb. They were always happy to answer all of my questions about the app and its functions whenever I needed it. As a mother, I value daily, easy-to-view information about my child so that I am informed about what they are doing and have access to information from the preschool, teachers, and administration. I strongly recommend the app for all administrators and parents!

Tereza Dvořáková
Michaela Možiešíková

We’ve finally disposed of all signature forms for all applications and online photo galleries, and parents no longer forget about school activities. Parents know what is happening at preschool and are much happier and at ease. We’ve stopped needing to constantly explain and repeat the same things. Thank you.

Michaela Možiešíková
Assistant Director
Lucie England

Twigsee won us over from the moment we started using it. It allows us to manage everything in our preschool in a convenient and easy-to-view manner, all in one place. You’ll love Twigsee because it will make your administrative tasks easier and will make communication with parents faster and more effective. It will not only make your teachers very happy but also the parents! I also greatly appreciate the wonderful support from the Twigsee team which is always prepared to handle our questions and requests. In short, I can wholeheartedly recommend Twigsee without hesitation.

Lucie England
Jan Vodrážka

While I was a bit skeptical at first, we have been up and running with Twigsee for a month and a half now without a single problem. We have over fifty reviews from parents and every one of them is positive. Furthermore, parents have started to appreciate all that our teachers do for them and they’ve not only decreased their demands, but have started asking how they can help. They donate toys, company gifts, or homemade Moravian honey. We are happy and are ordering Twigsee for our other location in Průhonice.

Jan Vodrážka
Dominika Hájková

Our preschool Malvína has been using the Twigsee app for over half a year. It is a big help to us. Thanks to the child’s profile, we have an easy-to-view list of all their important information. Also, with Twigsee, communication with parents is more convenient. We can share photos with them and using posts, share important information with only selected parents. Not needing to inform each parent individually has saved us a significant amount of work. What we appreciate most about the app, is the easy-to-view attendance. It shows the number of present and excused children and also, alerts us to any children leaving after lunch. Our school highly recommends the app. The team of people who developed the app are definitely professionals in what they do. They responded to all of our questions quickly and are always available to assist us.

Dominika Hájková
Assistant Director

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