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7 activities for a fun summer
in kindergarten

In summer, more than ever, kindergarten should be full of fun. Engage all your senses and don’t be afraid to make a mess. We promise you’ll be a success with the kids.

During the holiday season, you can afford a more relaxed schedule. Move outside and give your children more space for spontaneous play. Just let them run around, dig in the sand and explore the microcosm of the school garden. Plus, you can get outside with activities that would make too much of a mess in the classroom. That’s exactly what we have for you today:

dívky cákající vodou

Do you want to advise parents on what to do with their children during the summer holidays? Forward them the article A tip not only for parents on how to keep children entertained during the summer.

  1. Bubbles

    Blowing bubbles is a great speech therapy exercise. Catching and popping bubbles develops agility and fine motor skills.

    If you don’t have a supply of solution, mix your own.
    You will need:

    • 1 liter of warm water,
    • 250 ml of dishwashing liquid,
    • 3 tablespoons of glycerin to make the bubbles stronger.

    TIP: It is better to let the mixture rest for a few days before using.

    Try making your own blowers with your children. The easiest way is to use fuzzy wire that bends easily. Basic geometric shapes can be made by eye, more complex shapes can be shaped using a dough cutter. When you have completed the desired shape, wrap the ends of the wire around a skewer or stick.

  2. Bubble snake

    Cut off the bottom of a small PET bottle. Instead of the bottom, stretch a piece of canvas and secure with a rubber band. Pour the bubble solution into a bowl and soak the canvas bottom of the bottle in it. Blow into the narrow neck of the bottle until a long bubble snake starts to come out of the canvas bottom.

    TIP: Try the rainbow bubble snake too.duhového bublinového hada. Just soak a canvas bottom in the solution, then drizzle some liquid food coloring on the fabric and start blowing.

  3. Water games

    When it’s hot outside, cool off in the school garden with water. Water play is a wonderful sensory activity where children train their gross and fine motor skills.

    Water Relay:

    • Carrying a water balloon on a spoon,
    • carrying water with a cup in hand (walking, jumping),
    • carrying water with a cup on the head (walking),
    • carrying water with a cup on the back (climbing on all fours),
    • pouring water from cup to cup over the head.

    Water obstacle course:

    • Running through a garden sprinkler with a sprinkler,
    • running down a water slide,
    • jumping into a lagoon of water (and ice),
    • crawling through a tunnel of water noodles,
    • shooting a water gun at a target.

    Water battle:

    Instead of disposable water balloons, make reusable water bombs. Cut dishcloths into strips and tie them in the middle with a rubber band. Place the finished bombs in a bowl of water and let them soak before the battle.

    For more advice on how to survive the heat in good health, see the article
    Prevention and first aid to prevent children from overheating in summer.

  4. Sensor station

    Fill a large plastic box with water. You can color the water, experiment with its temperature or foam it with dishwashing liquid. Add all sorts of small toys and objects. Next to the box, prepare spoons, ladles, tongs, colanders and funnels.

    Examples of water sensing stations:

    • Sea with salt blue water, shells, pieces of seaweed and plastic animals,
    • a car wash with dishwashing liquid, sponges, brushes and toy cars,
    • an ice age with ice cubes in which tiny plastic toys are frozen.

    Sensor station with water pearls:

    Water pearls are special gel beads that soak up water and enlarge when wet. Place the swollen pearls in a large container. Let the children explore how they feel. For an even greater sensory experience, you can mix them with shaving foam or shine them on a light table.

  5. The Oobleck

    This strange word refers to a substance that can be both liquid and solid. If you slowly place your hand on its surface, it flows through your fingers like a liquid. But if you smack it hard, it acts like a solid and resists. Ideal for sensory play.

    To make it, mix:

    • 1 cup of water,
    • 1 cup of water, 1 cup of water, 1 cup of water, 1 cup of water,
    • 2 cups of cornstarch.

    TIP: The unique nature of the mass becomes apparent when mixing the ingredients. It won’t be easy, so be patient and continue until the water and starch come together.

  6. Painting with water

    The first option is painting on a pavement. Hand out filled spray bottles or buckets of water and brushes of different sizes. Splash, paint or try different graphomotor exercises with the water as you like. The sun will eventually dry all the creations.

    The second option is painting on a chalkboard. First, cover the entire surface of the board with chalk. Then use a brush dipped in water to draw different shapes and pictures on the board. The wet brush leaves a distinctive black trail behind.

  7. Structural mural painting

    Glue several pieces of cardboard together and attach them to the wall. Use a hot glue gun to glue various shallow boxes, egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, popsicle sticks or anything else that adds texture to the cardboard and can be painted on.

    Hand out tempera paints and brushes to the children. Invite them to paint the cardboard wall according to their taste. The result will probably be wild, but it’s all about the process of creation. If the children enjoy the activity, they can continue after the paints have dried and add feathers, pompoms or tissue paper to the collaborative work.

So let’s have a summer full of joy and laughter in your kindergarten!

3. 7. 2023 | Martina Zatloukalová

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What are the preschools
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Mr. Jimmy

Hello, so far so good with Twigsee. We have managed to create classes and upload students' names. The teachers' names have been shared already and we believe by next week we might have progressed further. Thanks to all.

Mr. Jimmy
System Manager, Greenwood Groove Academy, Kenya
Zuzana Vacíková

Twigsee caught our attention right away from the presentation thanks to the range of functions offered. It wasn't a system that only dealt with attendance or just the registry. It offered us the opportunity to have everything under one roof. And the cherry on top of the cake was the possibility of sending parents contributions about how their children are doing in preschool that day. Parents liked the app very quickly. At first, teachers were more concerned about whether preschool management wanted to give them extra work. However, they soon discovered that writing to parents made them happy, and they also finally have an overview of the children's attendance for each day. Twigsee can handle all that is on the agenda in a preschool as well as accounting. Forest preschool, Pohádky z.s., Zvole

Zuzana Vacíková
Assistant Director
Michelle Specht

Great Customer Support! Any problem gets immediate attention, and also the sales representatives are very willing to help.

Michelle Specht
Helena Zdrubecká

We have just started using the Twigsee application, as I was drawn in by an offer. Especially the time saving. I can use my time more meaningfully with my children rather than doing administration. I appreciate the professionalism of the team. Mr. Med answered all of our questions. I was impressed by the enrolment process of new children, attendance and, above all, the connection of teachers with parents, which does not disrupt them from their work with the children. Before signing the contract, we compared the offer of similar applications and came to the conclusion that Twigsee provides the most comprehensive offer of services for preschool needs.

Helena Zdrubecká
Linda Janichová

We have been using the Twigsee app in our Fox Nursery for over a year now. Through the app we communicate important information to parents. We share photos of the children's daily activities, and we use surveys, to which parents respond more quickly than in person. We have an overview of how many children are coming on a given day, so we can plan and adjust the day's schedule. Parents especially like the app because they have instant information about what's going on in the preschool, they can see lots of photos and they can excuse their child for the time they need in a few clicks. The Twigsee app is responsive to the needs of our preschools and is quick and easy for teachers, nannies and parents to use. With the Twigsee app, we are simply moving with the times.

Linda Janichová
Zuzana Černá

Twigsee is a wonderful app that has made communication between the preschool and parents faster, more convenient, and better since we began using it at the beginning of the school year. Also, it unbelievably simplifies the work of employees. Everybody, including the parents, are happy with the app.

Zuzana Černá
Assistant Director
Tereza Dvořáková

Twigsee is a great and innovative app for me as the preschool’s headmaster as well as a mother. There’s finally an app that eases the workload of administrative duties for the MŠMT (Ministry of Education) as well as the MPSV (Social Security) for everyone. It accomplishes all of this in a very easy to use and intuitive way. Communication with the Twigsee team is superb. They were always happy to answer all of my questions about the app and its functions whenever I needed it. As a mother, I value daily, easy-to-view information about my child so that I am informed about what they are doing and have access to information from the preschool, teachers, and administration. I strongly recommend the app for all administrators and parents!

Tereza Dvořáková
Michaela Možiešíková

We’ve finally disposed of all signature forms for all applications and online photo galleries, and parents no longer forget about school activities. Parents know what is happening at preschool and are much happier and at ease. We’ve stopped needing to constantly explain and repeat the same things. Thank you.

Michaela Možiešíková
Assistant Director
Lucie England

Twigsee won us over from the moment we started using it. It allows us to manage everything in our preschool in a convenient and easy-to-view manner, all in one place. You’ll love Twigsee because it will make your administrative tasks easier and will make communication with parents faster and more effective. It will not only make your teachers very happy but also the parents! I also greatly appreciate the wonderful support from the Twigsee team which is always prepared to handle our questions and requests. In short, I can wholeheartedly recommend Twigsee without hesitation.

Lucie England
Jan Vodrážka

While I was a bit skeptical at first, we have been up and running with Twigsee for a month and a half now without a single problem. We have over fifty reviews from parents and every one of them is positive. Furthermore, parents have started to appreciate all that our teachers do for them and they’ve not only decreased their demands, but have started asking how they can help. They donate toys, company gifts, or homemade Moravian honey. We are happy and are ordering Twigsee for our other location in Průhonice.

Jan Vodrážka
Dominika Hájková

Our preschool Malvína has been using the Twigsee app for over half a year. It is a big help to us. Thanks to the child’s profile, we have an easy-to-view list of all their important information. Also, with Twigsee, communication with parents is more convenient. We can share photos with them and using posts, share important information with only selected parents. Not needing to inform each parent individually has saved us a significant amount of work. What we appreciate most about the app, is the easy-to-view attendance. It shows the number of present and excused children and also, alerts us to any children leaving after lunch. Our school highly recommends the app. The team of people who developed the app are definitely professionals in what they do. They responded to all of our questions quickly and are always available to assist us.

Dominika Hájková
Assistant Director

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