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Improve the kindergarten's relationship with parents. Send them relevant information, photos, videos, news, or create a poll and get responses in minutes, for example, to sign up for group activities or trips.

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Excuse notes

Excuse notes

Lunch orders can be automated to the exact number of children and easily exported to reporting. Excused absences and lunches in just two clicks.

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There will be no more morning confusion about the number of children present in the class that day. Automatically generated attendance and calculation of school and meal fees based on parental excused absence notifications, with the option to print everything with a single click.

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There will be no more documentation in the folders. A single register for all children, with automatic creation of record sheets for each child. Program, payment, and personal note records are always in order.

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Kindergarten directors
love Twigsee

Kristýna Petráčková

„I easily taught it to all of our teachers, who, along with the parents, thoroughly enjoy it."

Linda Janichová

„Twigsee is responsive to the needs of our kindergartens and daycares, and it is quick and simple to use for teachers, nannies, and parents."

Zuzana Vacíková
Deputy Director

„Twigsee handles probably all the agenda needed in the nursery except accounting.“

Michelle Specht

„Great customer support! Any issue is addressed immediately, and the sales representatives are also very helpful."

Helena Zdrubecká

„I can devote my time to something more meaningful than administration, which is the children. I appreciate the team's professionalism."

Jan Vodrážka

„We have received a lot of positive feedback from parents."

Michaela Možiešíková
Deputy Director

„We finally got rid of the signature sheets for all applications, the gallery on a different platform, and parents forgetting about the preschool programme."

71849 Number of users
58688 Children in the app
371832 Posts sent
8859581 Administrative tasks
3730050 Number of photos

Written about us

Frequently asked questions

I'm afraid it will take a long time to get started, and I won't get it done in time.

Don't worry, we work with each nursery during the start-up process to ensure that everything is set up exactly to your specifications. You can digitalize your nursery in as little as two days!

I think we'll have to keep
a class book anyway.

You really won't, because you'll have a complete class book in electronic form. Of course, you can also print the classroom book at the click of a button.

How will parents use the app?

Parents will only see posts, photos, videos and information related to their children and their classes. Excusing children's absences and communicating with the school will no longer be a problem or unnecessary complication, thanks to Twigsee.

We don't have enough computers in the kindergarten.

For Twigsee you only need one computer and your smartphone. Nothing more, we promise.

I don't understand technology and I'm afraid I won't be able to use the app.

The app is designed to be completely user-friendly. Everything is clear, and if you get stuck, you can always get in touch with us.

What if my phone
gets hacked?

The app meets the highest security requirements of the Google Play and AppStore platforms. Your data is protected at the security level of medical and similar private documentation.

Who will see the posts in the application?

Only the intended recipient of the post! The application complies fully with GDPR.

Is it going to be
very expensive?

On the contrary, we want to help kindergartens save money and eliminate unnecessary paperwork, which is why we are introducing a completely free version of our application.

I would like Twigsee for free no strings attached

What have we accomplished
together with the preschools?

Vodafone Idea of the Year 2021
3rd place

Our Twigsee app made it through to the finals of the 14th Vodafone Idea of the Year 2021 and we were delighted to receive our 3rd place award on September 13th!

WSC Prague 2021
1st place

We are very happy! Thanks to our founder Vanda Seidelová, our project Twigsee has won the Women Startup Competition. Children are our future, they are what matters most to us!

Innovators 2020
Top 20

We are in the TOP 20! Hospodarske noviny and CzechCrunch jointly selected our Twigsee project for the TOP 20 Innovators of 2020.

Google for Startups Academy

We are honoured to be one of the 20 Czech startups selected for the Google for Startups Academy. We have successfully completed the program and we are looking forward to the innovations we will soon present to you thanks to the experience we have gained.

About us

Twigsee's mission is to simplify and digitise the administrative agenda so that teachers and principals can focus on what is most important: caring for and working with our children.

Twigsee was found in 2019 by Vanda Seidel. Despite only being on the market for a few years, Twigsee has already receivednumerous awards and fans. It has quickly spread beyond the Czech Republic's borders, gaining popularity in Slovakia, Austria, the Netherlands, Spain, and even Africa. From its four founding members, the company has grown to include 41 more passionate colleagues who help the application progress even further.


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